Hello there, stranger!

My name is Mateusz “Serafin” Gajewski and I'm quite experienced software engineer & solutions architect harnessing endless possibilities coming from the usage of modern open source solutions.

For over a decade I've been professionaly creating software in JVM languages, Perl, PHP, Erlang, C and Javascript. Nowadays I'm focused mainly on backend computations on top of the JVM (both Java and Kotlin) and Golang. I like also to experiment with modern browser UI approaches (like react.js & ECMAScript 6).

My main area of research and professional interests include distributed computing, large scale data processing and cluster scheduling. I really enjoy building scalable, fault tolerant, distributed systems with technologies like: Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Mesos and Apache Cassandra.

You can find me on Github, Last.fm, Twitter, Speakerdeck and Keybase.